About Us

Pak Qurbani Janwar

We aim to facilitate the performance of qurbani in a manner where deserving would get their due share as is meant in the Holy Scriptures. We foresee www.pakqurbanijanwar.com platform develop into a centralized reservoir where assets generated from Qurbani (Meat, Hides and by products) can be channeled so as to really make a difference in the economy of the Ummah. With the will of Allah and your patronage inshaAllah we will achieve the mission soon.

www.pakqurbanijanwar.com is established to provide the consumers with a online shop from where they can purchase the best quality Qurbani animals staying within the ease and comfort of their own home.

Pak Qurbani Janwar Animals Farm is a Livestock raising and breeding company with its head office in Lahore and Farm lands in Lahore and Jhang.

All of our livestock are raised naturally with quality green fodder and concentrate of Corn, wheat and chickpeas and other valuable minerals without any harmful hormones injections. Humane treatment and best scientific practices are main ingredients to raise the animals with caring and loving hands. They get the best life that can be offered prior to leaving our farm. We have acres of land at our disposal so we can manage and control the grazing and browsing of our animals and keep our pastures at their best. We invite our valuable clients to do stop in when you are in the area. We are among the Largest Producer and Supplier of Livestock in Pakistan.